Sunday, February 3, 2013


It rained a little last night and some more this morning.

After the rain went away it warmed up and the ground dried up enough for me to get under the jeep to see if I could find the rattle that I heard yesterday. It turned out to be the tailpipe. It had come out of the muffler
The welds that had been put there to hold the tailpipe in place along with a clamp had broken loose. Also, when I lifted the skid plate to its normal position the forward mounts were to long and they acted as a lever and pulled the pipe back. I disconnected the rear hanger and had to cut one of the forward mounts. Then I removed the clamp around the muffler pipe and with a big hammer pounded the tailpipe back into the muffler. I had to use the hammer on the forward mount to bend it into position.
I took the jeep for a ride and didn’t hear any rattles.
We will see what happens after I take the jeep out into the desert and bounce it around for a while.

That’s all for today

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