Saturday, February 9, 2013


The cold weather is back. Lows are in the 30’s, day time highs in the 50’s. I hope this is the last of the cold weather.

We are having a problem that is not related to the cold.
We have been coming to Quartzsite for six years and have been on every trail within fifty miles of us. To add to the problem the BLM is beginning to close trails all over this part of the desert. It is becoming increasingly harder to find new places to ride. Also we are struggling to decide whether or not to move from here. We like Quartzsite and have made a lot of friends in and out of the park.
I am thinking that maybe we will have to move the RV to other places throughout the winter. That is kind of a pain but we are on wheels. We just have to decide where to go.
In March most of our friends are going to Utah for a week.
Patti and I have discussed going down to Ajo, AZ for that time. 
Ajo is close to the Mexican border and I have heard that there are some good trails in that area. About 15 years ago we were in Organ Pipes National Monument which is south of Ajo. We were impressed with the beauty of that desert so it is worth another look.

I have gotten some comments that the pictures on the blog will not enlarge when they are clicked on.
The problem is that I had gotten some complaints that the pictures on the blog were to small so I enlarged them. For some reason that caused the “click to enlarge” feature not to work.
I tried to fix the problem but so far I haven’t had any success. I’ll keep working on it.

We need to get out of the RV today. Cabin fever is setting in. I think we will just go out to the hills and drive around for a couple of hours.

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