Thursday, February 14, 2013


Okay, it’s been a couple of days since the last blog so here is an update.

Monday morning was cold and raining so we hung out in the RV. The afternoon was cold and windy. We decided to do some of our shopping locally so we went to the Road Runner Market and got some of what we needed. From there we went to the General Store to try and get the rest. As it turned out we still weren’t able to get everything on our list in town.

Tuesday, we went to Blythe to complete our shopping. 
The first place we went was to Ace hardware to get some “Shoo Goo” to fix Patti’s boots.
From there we stopped at the new Mexican Bakery and bought a “Cono” , it looks like a spiral sea shell made from flakey dough and is filled with Bavarian cream. Very yummy! 
We also bought a Cherry Crisp. Cherry filling in a flakey dough turnover. Also, very yummy!
From the bakery we went to the Dollar Tree and got some party supplies.
After that we went to Albertsons to complete our shopping list.
By then it was time for lunch so we went to the Coffee Shop for sandwiches.
Tuesday evening we went to Cheryl and Dennis’s for a spaghetti dinner. It was very good. After dinner we played a dice game called “Farkle”. It’s a little like Yahtzee. We had a good time.

Wednesday we took a jeep ride.
We met at Cheryl and Dennis’s. There were seven jeeps in the group.

From there we headed out Sunkist Road almost to Plomosa Road where we turned east heading across the flats toward the south Plomosa mountains and Preachers Pass.


Preachers Pass is one of the more popular trails in the area so of course the BLM is planning to close it.

We climbed the pass


At the top we stopped to enjoy the views. This could be the last time we will get a chance for these views.

After standing around enjoying the views for a while,


we headed back down the trail.

When we got back to the flats we stopped so the rock hounds could wander around searching for pretty rocks. We decided to have lunch there.
After lunch we headed toward the Climax Mine. We drove over another pass on the north side of the mine


and started toward one of my favorite mines. I call it the glitter mine because of all the silica in the walls that sparkles like jewels.
Once again the BLM has been busy closing off places we like to visit. They have fenced off the entrances to all the tunnels.


This government is constantly chipping away at our back country freedoms. It started in the Clinton/Gore era with an escalation of back road closures. That slowed during Bush’s tenure. Now that the Dem’s and the environ-mental’s have control, they have stepped up the road closures; cutting off access to the back country for any one who is not rich enough to afford horses or young or healthy enough to hike in the back country.  
Eventually the only thing that will be allowed is driving on the paved roads and camping in government controlled campgrounds.
Unfortunately most people will ignore this encroachment on our freedoms as long as they can sit in their living rooms drinking beer and watching sports on TV.
Does the term “Bread and Circuses” mean anything to you?
Wake up America!

Sorry about the rant but I had to get that off my chest.


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