Monday, February 25, 2013


Yesterday we went on a jeep ride. We met at the fire station, there were six jeeps in the group. Once everyone arrived we headed for Parker. We stopped for fuel and rendezvoused at the Chevron station.


We were heading for the Presidents Choice trail again. Some of the jeepers, (the ones who had front and rear lockers on their jeeps) wanted to play on some of the more difficult trails there.
White jeep Dennis wanted again, to try the rocks that defeated him the last time we were there. After Presidents Choice we planned to take the Grey Eagle Trail. The Grey Eagle trail is the back way into the Desert Bar. We had gone in to the Desert Bar that way several times but this time we were going to follow the trail in the opposite direction.

Our first stop after airing down


was to take a second look at what is known as “the wall”. It is the outlet of the Presidents Choice trail.


Yes, people actually attempt to climb this with their jeeps. Most have to be winched up.
We took the easy way to the wall but went through the wash coming out. The wash has some tricky rocks to go over.

After we exited the wash we headed up the Presidents Choice trail.


We stopped at a couple of side trails to let some jeeps try their lockers on shelves and rocks.


I tried one of the obstacles but couldn’t get the front tires to grab the dirt on the other side to pull Clifford up.


We played for a while on these trails and eventually got to the big rocks where white jeep tried again to get over them.
He made it over the first rocks


but the big boulders defeated him again.


Black jeep Dennis decided to try his luck and did very good getting over the first rocks.


but decided not to try the boulders.

After they were through playing on the rocks we headed back down the trail.
There was one more spot that we tried to climb the rocks. Everyone made it but Tom and I (no front lockers).
We stopped for lunch in a narrow canyon at the bottom of a “waterfall”


After lunch the jeeps with front lockers climbed the waterfall.


Tom and I met them on the other end of the trail.

Once we were out of the P C trail we headed for The Grey Eagle trail.


The trail is fairly easy and scenic


Dennis (White jeep) must have gotten bored with the easy trail so we took a side trail down a nasty little wash


with a couple of tricky obstacles.

Below is the first obstacle.


Below is the second one.



The rest of the trail was pretty easy. We got to the end at hwy. 95 and after airing up the tires we headed for home.

Dennis’s black widow sustained a bit of body damage when he went down a particularly steep rock.


Wow, what a great ride!

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