Monday, August 1, 2016

Canada Trip


Day One.

Leaving SRO.

We left Santa Rosa around 8:30.


We headed north on US 101. Our destination for today is the Klamath River RV Park. We are going there to visit Joanne and Dave who are camping there for a couple of days. They just purchased a Travel Trailer and are just beginning to experience the joys of RV’ing.

Arriving at the Park

We got to the RV park around 2:30 with no problems. The park is right on the south bank of the Klamath River.


It is a bit pricy but it is the only one on the river here.

Visiting and Supper.

We visited with Joann, Dave and the folks that they bought their trailer from Marvin and Anita who were also camping with them.

We had a potluck supper with Lasagna that was cooked in a crock pot. It was very good.


We sat around and visited until it got cold out and then we went to our RV for the evening.

Okay that was the first day of our trip to Canada.

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