Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Canada Trip Day 10, 8/09

The Group Arrives.

The Casino.

Here is a picture of the Coeur d’Alene Casino.


Note: Unfortunately all the pictures we took of each couple inside the casino turned out blurry, most of them were unusable. Probably due to low light conditions. I went ahead and put the best ones in this post any way.

Bill and Shirley.


We were sitting around in the motorhome when about 9:30 Shirley and Bill pulled up.
We had a happy reunion. They both had health issues last year but are in good shape now.


We sat around and BS’ed with them for a while and then went to the casino to have lunch at the Red Tail Bar and Grill. We met Shirley’s cousin, Mary, in the casino and she joined us for lunch.

Patti and I each had a BLT sandwich and it was good.

Patti Won!Smile

I watched Patti play video Black Jack for a little while and she came out ahead.
After a while I got bored so I left Patti and went back to the RV.

After a couple of hours Patti came back to the RV and counted out her winnings, a little over $300.00. Not Bad!

Suzanne and Roy.


Around 4:00 Suzanne and Roy pulled up at the RV.
It was another happy reunion. They spent their winter in Canada so we didn’t see them last season in AZ. They won’t be coming back to AZ again as they have to buy special health insurance (because they are 70 and older) for the states and the cost has become prohibitive.
After visiting for a bit they went to get checked into the hotel.

Donna and Greg.


Around 5:00 Patti and I went to the casino. While we were wandering around there we found Donna and Greg. They are friends of Suzanne and Roy that we met the last time we were in Canada. It was good to see them again.

Too Much Booze.

Before we left on this adventure we purchased some booze to give to Suzanne and Roy because alcohol is very expensive in Canada.
After talking with S&R we found out that we were way over the limit of what we could take into Canada.
Suzanne, Roy, Donna and Greg had already purchased their limit to take home with them.

What To Do?

We talked to Shirley and Bill and asked if they could take the overage home with them to Washington state and we would pick it up from them this winter in AZ. They said that that would be okay.

Suzanne and Roy had a form that shows what we can and can’t take to Canada. We took the form back to the RV and went through the alcohol that we had and set aside the extra stuff;
1-1.75 ltr. bottle of Dark Rum that we were going to give Roy for his birthday, a 30 pack of light beer that we were going to give to Suzanne. They can only take 24 cans of beer across the border.
Two bottles of Pecan Pie and two bottles of Chocolate wine.

What’s left.

We kept three six-packs of Not Your Fathers Hard Root Beer and two bottles of chocolate wine.

I am going to tell Bill to give the 30 pack of beer to someone and maybe Roy can get the rum if he comes back to the states before Shirley and Bill leave for Arizona in the fall.

Patti and I Lost!Sad smile

After deciding what to do about the alcohol, we joined in the fun of gambling; even I gambled a little. I tried a couple of machines but they wouldn’t play with me so after a short time I gave that up. I still had about $15.00 of my original $20.00 so Patti and I went to the video Black Jack table to try our luck.
We didn’t have any. My $15.00 went fast. Patti lasted a little longer but with the same result.

I headed back to the RV.
Patti came back about an hour later and had lost some of her previous winnings.

Okay, that was our day.

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