Monday, August 29, 2016

Canada Trip. Day, 30-8/29

Stuck in Elko, Nevada.

This morning as we left Jackpot I was thinking this was going to be a long boring ride.

We got to Wells, NV in about an hour and stopped to fill up.
Back on the road we headed west on I-80 expecting to make it to Winnemucca in about five hours.

About 20 miles west of Wells I noticed the RV shaking a lot. I thought maybe something might be wrong with one of the tires and figured that at the first chance I would pull over and take a look at them.
Not to long after that I heard an explosion and the RV lurched a bit.
I looked in the rear view and saw the tread of a tire flying across the road.
I pulled off the highway as far as I could and walked back to inspect the tires.
The drivers side outer rear tire had thrown its tread.


The tire was still intact fortunately the only collateral damage that I noticed was that when the tread came off it tore the tail pipe from its hanger and was laying on the ground.


It could have been much worse.

Patti called AAA and in about 45 minutes a repair guy showed up.
He removed the bad tire and replaced it with the spare. The spare was a year older than the motor home.

The guy also re-hung the tail pipe for me.

After the spare was on, we slowly made our way to Elko about 20 miles west .
When we got to Elko we found a Les Schwab Tire Shop around 2:00 and had them replace all four rear tires and the spare. They were done at 5:30 and it cost $620.22; a little less than what it cost us for 2 tires and a brake fluid flush in BC.

Now we have all new tires on the RV. Which Patti told me we should have done before we left home. Oops!Embarrassed smile

We are spending tonight at the Double Dice RV Park and will continue our ride to Winnemucca in the morning.

Not such a boring ride after all.

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