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Canada Trip, Day 19-20-21-22, 8/18-8/19 - 8/20 - 8/21


Note: This is being posted from Lethbridge, Alberta Canada, 08/22/16


Day 19 – 8/18

Moyie, BC to Belleview, Alberta.


What a Beautiful Ride.

We left Suzanne and Roy’s spot on the Moyie River and followed them east on Canada 3 toward the Rocky Mountains.


After about an hour we started to climb toward The Crow’s Nest Pass.

Small Towns Along the Way.

We passed through a few small towns along the way.

This is Elko, BC not Nevada.


The town of Sparwood, BC is in a big coal mining area.
There is a big truck parked along the road that is advertised as the biggest truck in the world.
That may have been the case when the truck was originally parked but there are many larger trucks now.


Climbing into the mountains.

As we climbed into the mountains we can see evidence of the upheaval that formed these beautiful mountains.



At one place we drove through a tunnel.


We crossed several streams along the way.




Highway Construction.

There were a few spots where they were working on the highway so we had to stop and wait for a pilot car to take us through.


The Crows Nest Pass.

Eventually we crossed into Alberta at the Crow’s Nest Pass.


We pass by several lakes in the Crows Nest.


Nearing Belleview.

As we approached Belleview we went through town of Colman. Here, there is a pub called the Rum Runners. We will come back here for an early supper.

Frank’s Slide.

As we approach Belleview we pass Frank’s Slide. In 1903,  the coal mining town of Frank was partially wiped out when the east face of Turtle Mountain collapsed and filled the valley with huge boulders.
It happened at 4:10 in the morning and up to 90 people were buried in their homes in 100 seconds.
The slide covered 3 square kilometers of the valley under 30 meters of rock.

Turtle mountain and the slide.




We got to our camp spot at Belleview around 1:00.


After we got set up we went got in Roy’s jeep and drove back to Colman and the Rum Runners for Dinner/Supper. They give you a lot of food and we were stuffed.

It was a beautiful ride.



Day 20 - 8/19

A Loupe Around the Castle Mountains.

We left the park round 10:00. as we were leaving we noticed this scene in the mountains.


Looking For the Road.

It took a little driving around a small town looking for the correct road. While we were looking, we noticed this huge house cat walking on a fence rail.


Eventually we found the right road and headed into the mountains.


We could see the results of an old wildfire.


Beautiful Views.

Around every turn we had beautiful views.




We crossed several nice trout streams.


Castle Falls.

Eventually we came to Castle Falls.


Even though the water is low at this time of year the falls are still lovely.


The water is clean and clear.


Castle Mountain Ski Area.

After leaving the falls we headed for Castle Mountain Ski Resort.


When we arrived at the resort we found that they were getting ready for their annual Huckleberry Festival.


We were looking for a coffee shop or some place to get a snack but they were preparing for their annual Huckleberry Festival so nothing was open yet.
The festival included a pig roast and free rides up the mountain on the ski lift.


From the top of the lift you can get off and walk back down the mountain picking Huckleberry’s along the way.
We were too early for the festivities so we just wandered around looking at the scenery.


We Headed For Home.

After wandering around the resort for a while we got back on the road.
We found ourselves driving north along the front range of the Rocky Mountains.


Back at Camp.

When we got back to the park Patti walked around and took some pictures .

A crow in the nest.


A small chapel.


The information center.


Back to the Rum Runner.

Around 5:00 we headed for the Rum Runners Pub to meet up with Suzanne and Roy’s daughter, Donna and her husband John.


A humorous sign in the entrance.


We went in, got a table and were just getting our drinks when Donna and John arrived.

Once we were all there we had the waitress take a picture of the group.


After supper we went to Donna and Johns motel room so Suzanne and Roy could get their mail. While we were there their Granddaughter, Nicki made a surprise appearance.

We were back at the RV around 7:30. We sat around for a while outside until it got cold so we went in for the night.

A good day and a beautiful ride.


Day 21 – 8/20

Another beautiful ride in the Canadian Rocky’s.

Around 9:30 we drove to Colman where we stopped at the Subway to get some sandwiches to take along on our ride and to pick up Donna and John.

From there we headed west on Canada 3.


We turned north on a forest access road.


A hole in the mountain.



We turned onto a smaller trail heading east.


We forded a couple of streams…


and many mud puddles.


We stopped to pick wild raspberries. Yumm!


Bear track.

I have been kidding Suzanne and Roy, saying that there aren’t any bears in Canada since we have been here twice and never saw any bears.
Today we finally saw at least sign that there actually are bears in Canada.



Around noon we decided to stop for lunch. In true Canadian style we stopped in the middle of the trail.


Of course before we were finished a group of dirt bikes and 4wheelers came along the trail. Fortunately there was room for them to get by us.

After lunch we continued along the trail. We crossed another steam that was at the bottom of a steep rutted hill.


We took a few side trails but most ended in col-d-sac’s.


On this one we came to a spot where the mud was so deep and slimy that we decided not to attempt it.
It was a bit tight but we were able to get turned around after a lot of backing and filling.



Eventually we came to a main gravel road.


We followed this main road back to Colman and came out right at the Subway store where we started, closing the loop.

Supper with S&R’s Grandkids.

Around 5:30 we went to The Pure Country Pub for supper with two of Suzanne and Roy’s Grand Kids. Ken and Nicki.


After supper we went back to the RV park and sat around a fire until after the moon came up.



Moon rise.


It was another fun day and a beautiful ride.

Day 22 – 8/21

A ride to Boivin lake.

We left the park around 10:30 and drove east on Highway 3 through rolling farmland.


After about 30 miles we took the turn off to Pincher Creek. At Pincher Creek we stopped for gas. You can tell by the mud on the jeep that we have been having fun.



Looking For the Right Road.

After fueling up we drove toward the mountains.


It has been many years since Roy had been to Boivin Lake so he wasn’t quite sure of the route. Some of the roads have changed since then. We took a couple wrong roads but eventually we found a couple of local fishermen at Butcher Lake and stopped to ask directions.


Their help got us going in the right direction.


We only had to turn around once.


Eventually we found the correct road and came to this sign.


Heading up the Trail.

At first, the trail was a nice graded gravel road.


As we got further into the valley we began to see some small waterfalls.


Eventually the trail narrowed and became a lot more fun.


As we climbed further into the mountains we saw more waterfalls.


There were lots of wild flowers alongside the trail.


The trail continued to improve.


More waterfalls appear.


Eventually we came to the end of the trail at the parking area.
You can no longer drive to the lake.


At the parking lot we found a place to take a break and have some snacks.


There were a lot of fireweed around the area.


The view back down the valley was breath taking.


After sitting around for a while we headed back down the trail.

We stopped a few times to pick and eat Thimble Berries.


Even though we couldn’t get to the lake it was a fun and beautiful ride.

Day 23, 8/22

Ride from Belleview to Lethbridge.

It only took us an hour and a half to get from Belleview to Lethbridge.

Other than some strong wind gusts that made for a white finger grip on the steering wheel. The ride was un eventful.
We are parked in the parking lot of the Lethbridge Casino.
I am posting this from a coffee shop called Tim Hortons. Think Starbucks.
We will be here for at least three nights. before we head south for the USA.

I’ll keep in touch.

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