Saturday, August 27, 2016

Canada Trip. Day 27– 8/26

From Seeley Lake, MT. to Challis, ID.

We left the campground at Seeley Lake around 9:45. We stopped at the RV dump station in town to empty our waste tanks and fill up the fresh water tank. After that we stopped at a gas station to top off the fuel tank.
By 10:30 we were on the Hwy 83 heading south. At the intersection of 83 and 200 we turned west and headed for Missoula, MT.


The road crosses the Blackfoot River. There were some fishermen drifting the river.


Brake Trouble.

We were coming into a small town and when I put on the brakes I heard a high pitched electronic sound. I noticed that the lights on the tow brake controller were flashing, then they went out.

We pulled into a large parking area at a gas station where I could check things out.
It turned out that a power lead in the jeep had shaken loose. Once I reset it everything worked fine.

The Radio Dies.

When we left Seeley Lake the radio was not working right. The sound was very garbled. I remembered that we had a small Boom Box in a side compartment so when we stopped to fix the brakes I got it out and plugged the XM into it. That solved the problem. I guess I’ll have to buy a new radio. That’s ok, I didn’t like the old radio any way.

Following the Salmon River

We eventually got to Missoula where we got on Hwy. 93 heading south. The highway follows the Salmon River.


I would do more fishing if you didn’t have to buy an expensive out of state fishing license for every state you go through.

As we get further south the forests disappear and we get into more high desert like country.


Arrive at Challis, ID.

We were getting tired of driving so when we got to Salmon, ID


we stopped at a small RV park but it was kind of shabby and we couldn’t find anyone to check us in so after a while I decided to get back on the road and head for Challis, ID.

On the way Patti called ahead to an RV park we found in our Passport America book. We made reservations with them. Being a PA park and as we are PA members, we got a 50% discount.

Another un-good Restaurant.

We arrived in Challis at 5:15 and got setup by 5:30.
Around 6:00 we went to a restaurant recommended by the lady at the RV park called The Y; it wasn’t great.
Patti had fish and chips. The fish was like Gorton’s frozen fish sticks. I had a chicken Chimichanga that I think was frozen from Costco.

Okay that’s it.

Today (Saturday) we are going to try and get to Jackpot, Nevada.

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