Saturday, August 6, 2016

Canada Trip Day 6, 8/05


The Tow Brakes.

Fixing the Brake.

After breakfast, I had Patti assist me with the tow brake. There is a lever on the brake controller that bypasses all the accelerometers and and allows the actuator to pull the brake peddle on the jeep down.


I had Patti operate the lever while I watched the brake peddle. 
Everything seemed to be working except that the brake peddle only moved a little. I could hear the actuator straining to pull down the peddle and noticed that the clamp that connects the cable to the peddle was about half way up the brake peddle arm.
I loosened the clamp and moved it down the arm right next to the peddle.


This time when Patti operated the lever the actuator pulled the brake peddle down like it was supposed to.
I am not sure how the clamp got moved. It may have been when we were on the Rubicon Trail.
I may have moved it with my foot at making a panic stop?

Okay that looks like it will work

The Rest of the Day

Samantha Goes to Work.

Samantha had to work around noon so Patti and I took her there. After we dropped her off, we went to the Black Bear Restaurant for lunch.

Lunch at the Black Bear.

I am not crazy about the Black Bear but their breakfast isn’t to bad and they serve it all day so that is what we had for lunch.

My eggs were over cooked and a lot of the potatoes were burnt but they had Lenguisa, a Portuguese sausage that I really like so that kind of made up for the eggs and burnt potatoes.


The rest of the day we hung out at Samantha’s and visited with her when she got home from work.

Samantha Goes to the Fair.

The Deschutes County Fair is going on in Redmond and Samantha had made arrangements with her friends to go to the fair and see a concert there. So a little after 5:00 her ride picked her up and off she went.

Supper with Sue and Mike.

Around 6:00 we met Sue and Mike at the Mazatlán café not far from Samantha’s place. The food wasn’t bad and the company was great.
Mike told us that there was a sister restaurant to the Mazatlán on the other side of town that was much better and cheaper.
Maybe next time we will try it.

After Supper.

After supper Patti and I went back to Samantha’s apt. Patti watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics and I went to the RV and finished reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
I hadn’t read this book since I was a kid and had forgotten just how involved the story was. It was a good read if a bit politically incorrect now days.

Samantha Had Fun.

Samantha got home from the fair around 10:00 and had a great time.
She really enjoyed the Trace Atkins concert.

OK, that was our day.

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