Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Canada trip day 3, 8/02/16

A Jeep ride with Lucas.

Ever since we got here Lucas has been asking if I would take him for a jeep ride.
Around 11:00. We got in the jeep.


There is a trail that goes out the back of Bob’s place, up the mountain and connects with a dirt forest road that runs across the mountain.
We worked our way up the trail, connected with the road and followed it. 
First we went to the right down hill for a while and found that the road, in that direction, goes to Glendale.
Lucas wasn’t ready to end the jeep ride yet so we turned around and followed the road back up hill and drove to the top of the mountain.

Along the way I noticed a lot of Blackberry bushes along side the road. On the way back down we stopped at a few of these bushes to pick and eat berries.


I don’t know if Lucas had ever picked any berries but he sure loves to eat them.
Once he got the idea, he went for it.


After several stops at different berry patches we headed for home and lunch. Although I think that Lucas had already eaten enough berries, that he wasn’t very hungry for lunch.

I had a lot of fun with Lucas. He is a neat kid and he really loves riding in the jeep. I just hope they have jeeps and places to drive them when he gets old enough to drive one.


Bob Barbequed some really meaty ribs for supper and they were super.

We spent the rest of the evening watching TV and visiting.

Ok, that was day 3. A fun Day. 

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