Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Canada Trip, Day Two.


Day two. 8/01/16

Leaving The Klamath River.

In the morning we went over to say our goodbye's to Joanne, Dave, Marvin and Anita. We sat around for a while visiting and as the morning was slipping away we made the decision to leave. It was around 11:00 before we got on the road.

Trouble at the gas station.

Every once in a while I get into trouble trying to get into a pump.
This morning was one of those times . I pulled into the station and couldn’t find a space to pull right into. I had to go around the island and try to make a sharp turn into the pumps. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the turn.
Now you can’t back up to reposition the rig with the jeep hooked onto the back so we had to get out and unhook the jeep. What a pain for everyone. We had the whole place blocked up. I am sure that there were a few pissed off people trying to get into the gas station with this huge motor home blocking up the place .
Eventually we got the jeep unhooked and were able to reset and make the turn into the pumps.
We got our gas, hooked the jeep back up and were on our way.

The Ride.

There was a little fog along the coast.


As we traveled north the fog began to dissipate.


We continued north until we got to Crescent City. Just north of the town we turned onto Hwy 199 and drove east along the beautiful Smith River.


After a couple of hours we got to Grants Pass, Oregon and connected with I-5 where we went north. It is 25 miles from Grants Pass to Glendale, which is our destination for today.
There are three pass’s to go over and they are pretty steep so it is slow going for the motor home pulling a jeep.

We were behind this guy almost the whole way.


He even took the Glendale turn off.

We finally got to Kathi and Bob’s and will be here until Thursday morning.
We visited for a while and around 6:20 we went into town and had supper at Nano’s Mexican Restaurant. The food is pretty good and the prices are reasonable.
Kathi and Bob’s daughter, Anna-lee met us at the restaurant with her 5 year old son, Lucas. Lucas is one of the most precocious five year olds that I know and is a lot fun to talk with.
He’s five going on twenty five.Smile

After supper we went back to Kathi and Bob’s and visited until bed time.

Okay that was day two of our Canada trip. 

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