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Canada Trip, Day 17, 18. 8/16, 8/17

Posted from Greg and Donna’s 8/18/16

Ride to Bull River.

A Beautiful Car.

This morning Roy uncovered Suzanne’s 1960 T-Bird.

What a beautiful car.


The body is perfect, not a blemish anywhere.


The interior is also perfect.


It runs as good as it looks. What is impressive is that it is all original not restored just well taken care of.

The ride to Bull River.

We left the RV around 10:00 and drove toward Cranbrook. I stopped at Greg and Donna’s to publish the last post.
Suzanne and Roy continued to Cranbrook to pick up a sandwich at Subway.

We caught up with them on the east side of Cranbrook on Canada Highway 3 and continued our ride to the Bull River.

We headed toward the mountains.


We crossed the Kootenay River. This river runs from Canada, down into Montana and Idaho then goes back north back into Canada to Kootenay Lake. From Kootenay Lake it eventually ends up in the Columbia River.


We turned off Highway 3 and drove north to the Kootenay Trout Hatchery.


The hatchery is on the Bull River.


Near the entrance to the hatchery are a couple of Raptor nests on poles.


Fish in the mote.

There is what looks like a mote of sorts surrounding the hatchery.


This mote if full of beautiful trout.


It is hard to see how large these fish are in the photos.

The larger one in this picture is at least 24” long so you can get an idea of the other’s size.


After watching the fish for a while…


we left the hatchery and continued our ride along the river.


We could see the top of this tower along the side of the road. The tower is part of a hydro electric turbine.


A little further up the road we crossed the river on the Casselman Bridge. The bridge crosses a narrow gorge where the river is squeezed between steep rock walls.


The Dam.

Just above the gorge is a dam. On the left side of the dam in this picture you can see the pipes that run the turbine down stream.


Above the dam the river widens out and looks like it would be a fun stream to fish.



We drove along the river for a while. Roy pulled off on a small side trail and found a shady spot for lunch.


Logging Trucks.

As we were having lunch we could hear logging trucks coming down the road.
After lunch we continued our ride.
A little ways up the road Suzanne called us on the radio and warned us that a truck was coming our way. We pulled as far to the right as we could and waited for the truck to arrive.
When the truck got to us I realized that there was not enough room for it to pass us. I had to back up a long ways until I found a spot that looked like there was enough room for us and the truck.

Going very slowly the truck inched by us.


The ride continues.

The truck got by us and we continued up the road.
We stopped at a large camp spot along the river and skipped rocks like any kid would do along a river.


After a while, we left here and headed for home.


We were back at the RV by 3:30

It was a very nice day and a beautiful ride.


Day 18

Some Chores.

In the Morning Patti did a little laundry since we are heading east tomorrow (Thursday).
While she did laundry, I got out my long breaker bar and a socket and made sure that the lug nuts on the RV wheels were tight.

Ride to Creston, BC.

Around 12:00 we all got in Roy’s jeep and drove to the small town of Creston, BC. which is west of where we are. Creston sits on the edge of a large agricultural valley.

We stopped for lunch at a nice restaurant called Jimmy’s Pub & Grill.


The Dangers of Dining El Fresco.

It is a very nice place with a large patio that is shaded by Cherry Trees.

We ordered our food and while we were waiting a wasp stung me on the arm. OUCH!!!

The food was very good. Suzanne, Roy and I had Lasagna.
Patti had a chicken burger.

We were stuffed.

Fruit Stand.

After lunch we stopped at a fruit stand to see what they had.


We bought some cherries, a couple nectarines, a jar of pickled asparagus and some salt water taffy
From the fruit stand we headed for home.

Sat Around the Fire.

Around 6:00 we went to S&R’s.  Roy started a fire in their pit and we sat around visiting. A neighbor named Bill came by and we visited with him. Around 10:00 we went back to the RV and went to bed.

Okay, that was our day. It was a good one.

What’s Next.

We (Suzanne, Roy, Patti and I) are leaving this area on Thursday and are heading east to Alberta and an area called the Crow’s Nest Pass. We will be there for at least four days. I don’t think there is any internet out there so you won’t hear from us for a while.
From the Crow’s Nest we are going to Lethbridge, Alberta for a couple of days. I may be able to post from there.
Talk to you when I can.

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