Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Canada Trip, Day 14, 15, 16 - 8/13, 8/14. 8/15

Day 14

A Weenie Roast.

Guard Dog.

I went over to Donna and Greg’s to Publish the last post.

When I got there, their dog Baily was acting ferocious but after talking to her a few minutes and Greg giving me some treats to feed her she calmed down and became my friend. Of course we will probably have to go through that again next time.

I got the blog published and after BS’ing for a bit I headed back to the RV.

Laundry and House Work

The park that we are in has a free laundry.
Patti did the washing and I did a little house work.

Weenie Roast.

Around 3:00, people started showing up for the weenie roast.


We sat around talking and laughing for a while. Then it was time to burn some dog’s over the fire pit.


Everyone ate their fill and we continued to laugh and joke for the rest of the evening.


After a while we all moved to the fire pit and continued the party.

It was a fun evening and a good day.

Day 15, 8/14


Ride to the Towers.

You can see these towers from miles around (or should I say kilometers). These are the new towers.


The towers are not far out of Moyie, BC. We drove south along Moyie Lake.


Moyie Lake is quite large so getting a picture of the whole lake is not possible unless you are in an airplane.

We turned off on a paved road to the north east and eventually turned onto a dirt trail going up the mountains.

This whole area is devoted to logging and is mostly lodge pole pine forest.


We did see some spruce and fir higher up on the mountains.

Wild Flowers

It was a pleasant drive up the mountain with lots of wild flowers in bloom.

Here are some Daisy’s.


Daisy’s and Fireweed.


Here are some Indian Paint Brush, Blue Bells and Queen Ann’s Lace.


Here is a nice shot of Blue Bells.


Going On Up.

We continue to climb the mountain and getting close to the new towers.


Joe’s Grave.

As we get closer to the top, we pass an old grave site. This is known as Joe’s grave.


Joe has a great view of the Moyie Valley.


In this photo you can see part of Moyie Lake and some awesome mountains in the background.


Old Towers.

We continued up the mountain to the old towers.


This looks like an old lookout tower but none of the people we know is sure what it was actually used for.


Near this old wooden tower are some strange shaped towers with solar panels on them. We suspect that they are radio repeaters or something like that.


From up here you can see the peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the east.


Dorothy’s Place

We wandered around here for a little while and then headed down the east side of the mountains…


to a place that Suzanne and Roy call Dorothy’s Place. Here we stopped for lunch.
It is a nice camp spot


by a small stream.


More Flowers and Some Wild Life.

After lunch we headed back toward Moyie on a main logging road.
We saw more wild flowers that we couldn’t identify.


Very healthy Dandelions.


Some more Queen Ann’s Lace.


The only wild life we saw today was this deer.


A Summer Rain.

Through out the day fluffy cumulus clouds were building over the mountains.


On the way back to Suzanne and Roy’s it even rained on us. Not a lot, just enough to cool things down and clear the air. There were even a bit of thunder.

A Corny Meal.

We had supper with S&R, Taber Corn on the cob.
It was good corn.

It as a very pleasant day in the woods.

Tomorrow we are taking the RV to Cranbrook to get the tires checked out. We will drop off The RV and then take a ride to the top of Mount Baker.

Day 16.

The Tire Shop.

I got up early this morning because I had an 8:30 appointment at KAL Tire in Cranbrook to get the tires checked out.


We got there around 8:15.
While we were waiting for Suzanne, Roy and Greg to get there we took the jeep across the street to get gas. By the time we were back they were waiting for us.

Ride up Mount Baker.

We followed Greg out of town and onto a wide dirt road heading for the Mount Baker lookout.


After about 10 miles we turned onto a smaller dirt road that heads up the mountain. We stopped for a little while to let Baily get out of the truck.


Baily was much friendlier this time; I guess she remembered me.

Up the Mountain.

After the break we started up the mountain.


As we drove along Patti got lucky with her camera and caught this Raven in flight.


Nice rocks along side the road.


At the Top.

The trail wasn’t hard and after about 5 miles we got to the towers.


Sensitive Equipment.


The View.

There are some good views from up here.

Here is part of the town of Cranbrook.


To the east are the Rocky Mountains.


This is looking to the north west. You can see some snow on the higher peaks.


We hung out here for a while enjoying the views.


This is looking north east.


The Lower Tower.

There are some more towers on a short trail. We thought that we could maybe get a better view from there so we drove around the mountain to the other towers.

We noticed this sign on a door.


A Call From the Tire Shop.

Kal Tire called while we were at the towers and told me that both front tires had a flat spot on them. I told the guy to go ahead and put on two new tires.  

The views weren’t any better from here so after a while we decided to head back to Cranbook and have lunch (dinner). At a place called the ABC Country Restaurant. Good food, reasonable prices.

While we were at the restaurant KAL Tire called again and said that the RV was ready.
We left the restaurant and went to the Super Store to get a few things and then went and picked up the RV.

Roy Hits a Deer.

We headed back to Suzanne and Roy’s. While we were setting up they pulled up. As it turned out they hit a deer on the way home.
Fortunately the damage was not as bad as it could have been.


They are going to get it fixed when we get to Lethbridge, Alberta next week.

Happy Hour and Cards.

After we got all set up, I was hot, sweaty and tired so it was time for a little nap.

Around 5:00 we went over to S&R’s for happy hour and some cards.

It was a good day.

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