Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Canada Trip. Day, 31- 8/30


Elko to Sparks.

We left Elko, NV around 8:30 and headed west on I-80.


Our goal for today was to get to Sparks, Nevada where I wanted to stop at an RV park so we could dump and flush our waste tanks.That way the tanks will be clean when we get home and ready for the next trip.

The ride to Sparks was uneventful, fortunately, and took us about six hours. There was even some nice scenery along the way.


And a tunnel to go through.


Arrive at sparks.

While we were on I-80 we noticed a billboard that was advertising the Sparks Marina RV Park at Exit 20.

We pulled into the RV park around 2:00, after getting slightly lost and asking directions. We were in sight of the park but didn’t know it .
Once we were set up Patti called my nephew John who lives in Sparks . He was on his way home from work so he stopped by the RV park and we visited with him for a while.

Dinner at Applebee's

We made arrangements with john to meet him and wife Cindy at Applebee’s which is not far from the park.
Around 5:30 we met them and had a nice supper. After which they came to our place and we visited for a while.
They went home around 7:00

The last leg.

We will leave here tomorrow (Wednesday) and be home by supper time.

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