Thursday, August 25, 2016

Canada Trip. Day, 21,22,23, 8/22–8/23–8/24


Day 21- 8/22

A couple days at Lethbridge, Alberta.

We got to the casino at Lethbridge on Monday, Day 21. The wind was blowing a gale with strong gusts as I mentioned in the last post.

Patti Gambling.

In the afternoon I laid down for a nap and Patti and Suzanne went to the casino. When Patti got back to the RV she had a big smile. She was happy because she was $270.00 ahead.

A Bad Meal.

We went to supper at a brew pub close by. The food was not good and the beer was just so,so. I had never had a hamburger that was that dry.

Day 22 8/23

The weather was very blustery with rain squalls off and on all day.
We just hung out all day taking it easy.

A Hot Air Balloon, In this Weather?

Patti watched some people unloading a hot air Balloon.


It took them quite a while to get it from one trailer to the other. The basket was huge.


I hope they aren’t planning to go up in it today. They will end up some where in Montreal with this wind.


In the late afternoon we went out for supper at Suzanne and Roy’s favorite Chinese. The food was good with friendly service.

Patti Win’s Again.

Patti did pretty good at the casino, she ended about $240.00 ahead.

Day 22, 8/23

Good Weather.

When we woke up today the storm had passed. And the sun was out with not much wind.

Heading South.

Around 8:30 we said good by to Suzanne and Roy and started the homeward leg of our journey. Driving south through the Alberta farmland. We could see that the storm that went through Lethbridge was heading south also just in front of us.


Back In The USA.

The Plan.

Our plan was to drive south on Canada route 4, cross the border at Coutts, Alberta then continue south on I-15, eventually arriving in Idaho Falls, Idaho where we hoped to spend some time with Jo Ann and Dave.
Shortly after entering the US, Patti called Jo Ann.
Unfortunately they were on their way to eastern Washington to visit her son and some friends.

Okay, A new Plan.

As we drove south I got to thinking that there was no reason to go to Idaho Falls and it would make the trip a lot longer.
We stopped at a rest stop to look at the map and decide what to do.

We had already passed the turn off that goes west to Glacier  Park.
But we noticed that just north of Great Falls, Montana, Highway 200 went west toward Missoula, MT.
We could catch Highway 93 there and then head south to Twin Falls and cross into Nevada at Jackpot.

The storm follows.

We turned west on 200 and drove through more rolling prairie.


As we approached the foothills of the Rocky Mountains the clouds were getting thicker and darker.


No RV Parks.

Around 3:00 we started thinking about stopping for the day but couldn’t find any RV parks. On the map there was a camping symbol at Lincoln.
We drove slowly through Lincoln and at the west end I saw a sign that said RV Park so I turned in to the park. It has about five spots, Three of which were taken. There was no one around and no one in the office. We fooled around there for a little while but there was no one to check us in; I decided that we should just go on.
The place was so small that there wasn’t enough room to turn around. We had to disconnect the jeep to get the rig turned around then hook back up. Even after all the monkeying around,  still no one came out to see what we were doing.

Seeley Lake.

Back on the road we continued west Into the Rocky’s
Patti noticed  on the map was a rest stop at the intersection of 200 and 83.
When we got to the rest stop we pulled in to look at the map and decide what to do.
As it turned out 83 went north passed Seeley Lake only 14 miles away.
We have been to Seeley Lake twice before and knew that there was a good National Forest campground there so off we went to Seeley Lake. Just north of the town Is the Big Larch Campground.
We turned in there and got a spot.
As we were pulling into the campground we saw this beautiful buck grazing along the road.


There are no services but with the Golden Age Pass It only costs $5.00 per day.

The only down side to our spot is that there are so many trees that we can’t get any reception on our XM radio.


The Chicken Coop

After getting set up we decided to go into town to find a restaurant. We noticed a place called the Chicken Coop so we pulled in. It is restaurant and Bar There specialty is chicken although you can get burgers and other sandwiches.

Patti had chicken strips and I had a deep fried half a chicken. The food was good with friendly if slightly slow service.

While we were eating, the storm caught up with us. It was pouring down rain when we left the restaurant and it continued until we went to bed.

Okay, that brings us up to date.   

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