Saturday, August 13, 2016

Canada Trip, Day 12 & 13, 8/11 & 12


Some how I lost all the pictures for today when moving them from the chip to the folder so no pictures from today.

Note 2:

I am posting from Donna and Greg’s place and will probably post from here every couple of days.


Leave The Casino.

We met the group at the Sweet Water Café for breakfast.
After breakfast Patti and I went back to the RV to get ready to leave.
I still had to publish the last post and we had to hook up the jeep and get the RV ready for the road.
We were ready by 11:00.
Suzanne and Roy showed up on time and we hit the road.

The Ride.

We drove north on Hwy. 95, through Coeur d’Alene which was a mess. Lots of stop lights and traffic. Eventually we got through that and continued north.

Made it to Suzanne and Roy’s.

After a couple hours we got to the Canadian Border and crossed into Canada with no problems.

After another hour we arrived at Suzanne and Roy’s place on the Moyie River.

They have fixed their lot up really nice. With a couple of sheds, a cook shack, a large wood deck and a tile area with a fire pit.
Suzanne has planted a lot of flowers and the place just looks great.
We will get some pictures for the next post.
Hopefully I won’t loose them.Confused smile

Pizza for Supper.

Around 6:00 Roy made a pizza run. He came back with two pizzas from Pizza Hut. I hadn’t had a Pizza Hut pizza before and was surprised that it was actually pretty good.
We sat around their fire pit enjoying the fire until around 10:00 then crawled off to bed.

Okay, it was a long day but we have finally made it to Canada.

Day 13, 8/12

Shopping in Cranbrook, BC.

Today we went with Roy and Suzanne to Cranbrook, BC to do some shopping.

The Tire Shop.

One of the tires on the RV is thumping at low speed. So I wanted to get it checked out so the first place we stopped was Kal Tire to make an appointment.
I got an appointment for Monday morning.


Next we went to Walmart to get a few things.

Super Foods.

After Walmart, we went to Super Foods, a large grocery store on the scale of Food Max back home.

Government Liquor store.

Patti wanted to see if they had any ‘chocolate wine’ and I was curious to see if they had any ‘hard root beer’.
They did have the chocolate wine but no root beer.

Back at Suzanne and Roy’s.

We finished our shopping and headed back to Suzanne and Roy’s.

Patti took some pictures of their place.

Here is our rig parked next to theirs.


Here is their rig set up.


Here is Roy napping in their out side dining and cook shack.


This is their wood shed.


The wood shed is next to the tiled area and fire pit.


Suzanne has done a nice job planting lots of flowers.




I made a batch of Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls for supper.


After supper we played cards. We have been calling the game we play, Rummy for Dummies but found out the actual name for the game is “Jokers Rummy” and it is available in stores. We checked at Walmart but they had very few games on their shelves.

After cards we sat around the fire pit for a couple hours. A couple neighbors came by for a visit.

Roy has a unique method for starting the fire in the pit.



A good day.

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