Thursday, August 11, 2016

Canada Trip, Day 11, 8/10


Roy’s Birthday.



August,10 is Roy’s birthday. He turned 75 today.
Happy Birthday y’old Fart

We all met at the Sweet Grass Café in the casino for breakfast.


Of course, we all gave Roy a bad time and laughed a lot.

When we were through eating the waitress brought Roy a large decorated muffin with a candle on top.


I had to pound him on the back to help him blow out the candle.Winking smile

  Shirley and Bill Leave.

Shirley and Bill had to leave so before they left we loaded the extra booze in their car so they could take care of it for us. We will see them this winter in Arizona.

Patti Wins.Smile

Patti had a good morning gambling. She won almost $300.00.

Supper at Shooters.

Around 3:30 we all headed toward Coeur d’Alene to go to Supper.
Suzanne and Roy went with Donna and Greg in their car and we followed.
We drove about 20 miles and took the turn off for the Black Rock Bay Marina and went to a place called Shooters.


We got a table and were sitting around having fun at Roy’s expense when two other couples (friends of Roy’s) from BC showed up to surprise Roy and it worked.


We all settled down enough to order some food.


There was a lot of laughter and good cheer mostly ribbing Roy.

I think Roy was touched.


Later, Roy’s balloon got busted. Literally. One of the ladies from BC poked it with her finger and it went boom.
Aww! Confused smile

More Gambling.

After having a good time at the restaurant we went back to the casino.

Patti finished up the evening, after spending about one and a half hours at the Black Jack table, about $20.00 ahead, for a grand total for the three days of $435.00.
Way to go Patti.

Heading into Canada.

We are going to head into Canada in the morning. We will be going dark for a while. I will post when I get a chance, so keep checking the blog.

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