Sunday, August 28, 2016

Canada Trip. Day 26-8/27


Challis, Idaho to Jackpot, Nevada.

We left challis around 9:30 and headed south. Our goal today is to make it to Jackpot, Nevada where we plan to spend two nights.

South of Challis we drove through a mixture of Sage Brush and fertile farm land.


A slot canyon.

As we continued south we could see that we were going to go through some mountains.


What we didn’t know is that the road actually goes through the Mountains in a neat slot canyon.


The walls go straight up as the road snakes its way through the canyon.


One thing that I noticed is that there is no creek or river going through the canyon. It must have been some kind of upheaval that created it, not erosion.

Cows on the road.

After leaving the canyon we  entered a section of range land. At a few places we had to be careful not to run into cows that were grazing along the highway.


A couple even crossed in front of us.

Smoke on the horizon.

As we continued south we could see a lot of smoke in the air.


We found out later that there were a couple of wild fires burning back in the hills.

The Idaho Lava Flows.

There is a large section of Idaho that is covered in ancient lava flows. Highway 93 goes through part of it that is called The Craters of the Moon National Monument.


Historical accounts of the Pioneers mention that these flows were particularly difficult to get through and were an obstacle on the trail to Oregon until a mountain man named Moses “Black” Harris found a way to bring wagons through the flows.

Arrive at Jackpot, NV.

We continued south with no real delays through Twin Falls, Idaho and arrived at Jackpot, NV around 1:30. Not a bad ride.
We got setup in the Cactus Pete’s Hotel and Casino and RV Park; $22.00 per night.

An Early Supper.

Once we were set up, we decided to go to the Casino for an early supper. We ate in the Desert Room. The Saturday special was Prime Rib so that was what we ordered. The rib was very good but the baked potatoes were hard and not very warm and the Broccoli was just barley cooked.

Patti Plays Black Jack.

After supper Patti went back to the Casino to try her luck. She mostly played Black Jack and after about three hours came back only $12.00 down. Not bad for three hours of entertainment.

Easy ride.

It was a comparatively easy drive from Challis to Jackpot.

Tomorrow (Sunday)

We are staying here for two nights.
Tomorrow we are going to take the jeep and drive to the small town of Jarbidge, Nevada.   

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