Monday, August 29, 2016

Canada Trip. Day 29-8/28


Boy Was I Wrong.

The plan for today was to drive to the small desert town of Jarbidge, Nevada.
For some reason I had it fixed in my mind that the road to get there was south of Jackpot, NV.
We went to the gas station to fill the jeep and around10:00, we were on 93 heading south.


I knew that the road we wanted wasn’t to far from Jackpot but nothing looked familiar.
Now, it’s been about fifteen years or more since I have tried to get there from the east side and my memory isn’t as good as it used to be so I continued to drive down the highway even though after a while I figured that I either missed the road or we were going in the wrong direction.

After about an hour we came to Wells, NV. I decided that I needed to ask someone for directions. There was a Sheriff and a State Patrolman sitting in a turnout so I pulled in and asked them where the road to Jarbidge was.
They told me it was 18 mile “north” of Jackpot.Embarrassed smile Oops! 

Okay. I guess I should have paid more attention to the maps we had instead of the faulty one I had in my head.

Heading north.

We got back on the road and headed north. As we drove we noticed the interesting rock formations on a couple of hills on the west side of the road.


As we drove further there were some of the rocks nearer the highway.

This one was particularly interesting.


Back at Jackpot.

When we got back to Jackpot we had to refuel the jeep as we had used a half tank to go to Wells and back. By now it was lunch time so we went to the RV and ate a some sandwiches.

Lets Try This Again.

After lunch we got back in the jeep and headed north to the little town of Rogerson, Idaho, about 18 miles north of Jackpot. Here we turned west on the road that goes across the Salmon Falls Creek Dam.

A Shaky Dam.


Each time I have crossed this dam I am amazed that it is still here.

The concrete on the dam looks like it is crumbling away.


There is water coming out of the rocks on the back side.


We got across the dam and continued on the paved road toward Jarbidge about 60 miles further.

My old mans memory didn’t remember this much pavement on the road.


The pavement continued until we came to the Murphy Hot Springs air strip, then the road changed to dirt as we started down into the Jarbidge Canyon.

Murphy’s Hot Springs.

Murphy’s is where all the green is at the bottom of the canyon. The east fork of the Jarbidge River comes in on the left.


Here is a closer picture of Murphy’s


East fork of the Jarbidge River.

The road flattens out as it follows the east fork through the canyon.


There are several nice camp spots along the river and the river looks like it would be good fishing.


The main fork of the Jarbidge River.

Eventually we came to where the east fork and main fork come together.

The Jarbidge River is popular for white water kayaking in the spring.

There is a put in place where the two forks come together.


The Main Fork Canyon.

The drive toward the town of Jarbidge follows the main fork up stream.


A Family of Birds.

As we drove along we saw this family of birds running across the road. At first I thought they were Mountain Quail but after looking closely at the picture I think they may be some kind of Grouse. They don’t have a topknot like a Mountain Quail.


Rock Formations.

There are a lot of interesting rock formations along the canyon.


Here is a balanced rock.


Can you find the old Indian's face in this picture?


These hoodoos look like an old gothic castle.


The town of Jarbidge.

Eventually we get to the town.


We slowly drove through the town. taking pictures.

Here are a few.

Unfortunately every town has some.


Main street, there’s only one street.


There are a lot of neat old houses in the town. some date back to the mining days.


We had planned to stop at the Red Dog Saloon but it is closed until the first of November.


We stopped at the OutDoor Inn instead.


Inside they have a really nice bar.


As you can see in the above picture the walls and ceiling are covered with patrons names and other scribblings.

Here is the town motto.




We spent some time talking with the bar maid and having a soda.
We found out that the Outdoor Inn, The Red Dog Saloon, the hotel and the RV park are all for sale. After 48 years the owner is ready to retire.

Okay that was our ride to Jarbidge. It was fun once we finally got there.

Back In Jackpot.

When we got back to Jackpot we went to the Mexican Restaurant at the HorseShou Casino. The food was very good and reasonably priced.

Patti tried a little more Black Jack at Cactus Pete's but lost this time.


Tomorrow we head for Winnemucca.

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