Saturday, January 31, 2015

No dust in Trail Dust Town. 01-31-15


It was still raining at 4:00 when we piled into Roy’s jeep to go to dinner at Pinnacle Peak. By the time we got to Trail Dust Town the rain was coming down in sheets.


By the time we made the short run from the parking lot to the Restaurant we were all very wet. We stood on the front porch of Pinnacle Peak and watched the rain coming down in Trail Dust Town.



After a few minutes we went into the lobby of the restaurant.

Here is the Cashier’s station.


There is a great chandelier in the lobby.


Here is a peek into the saloon.


Pinnacle Peak has a dress code.


If you wear a tie they cut it off.


and hang it from the rafters.


Our waitress called herself Bell Star. She was a bit theatrical but was very efficient.


Suzanne and Roy each ordered a full rack of ribs.
This is how much they took home after what they ate.


Patti had another Fillet.


I had what they call a cowboy (T bone) steak. I had already eaten half of the steak before Patti took the picture.


It was another good meal.

It was a long ride home in the dark and pouring rain but we made it okay.

Today we will leave here and drive north to Coolidge where we will be staying for the month of February.

It is still raining hard.

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