Sunday, January 4, 2015

A yard sale, a ride, dinner and cards. 01-04-15


On the first Saturday of every month there is a yard sale in the RV Park. People put a table in front of their spots and offer stuff for sale. Other people come along and some of them buy the stuff that people put on their tables.

We are giving up our spot here in the park at the end of the season and we wanted to get rid of some of the stuff we had in our shed so we wouldn’t have to haul it around when we leave here in April. Therefore we set up a table in front of our RV with the stuff we wanted to sell on it.

We got up early and put out our stuff.
The outside temperature was around 30 degrees in the morning but to get the most exposure to possible buyers it is important to start as early as possible.
Patti put on her long johns (top and Bottom), extra shirts, a heavy jacket, a scarf, gloves, a warm knitted cap, put the hood up on her jacket and sat out front waiting for customers to arrive.

This picture was taken by Patti about half way through the sale and some of the stuff was sold. By then the temperature was up to around 40 degrees.


By the end of the sale (around noon) Patti had sold the table and about half the items we had on it and brought in a whopping $26.00. 
Oh well, it’s better than throwing the stuff in the dumpster I guess.

After we put the stuff we had left away we went for a short ride with Suzanne, Roy, Sue and Denis to find a spot for them to camp for a couple weeks out on the BLM area along Plomosa Road. After they found the place they wanted to camp we headed back to Q. We took a turn off at milepost 114 and drove west and crossed into Tyson Wash where we stopped to admire the ancient Ironwood Tree there.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take a camera with us so the below picture is one taken on a previous trip.


It was after 4:00 so Patti and I stopped at the Mountain Quail Café for the Prime Rib dinner special. It was good as usual.

Around 6:00 we went over to Suzanne and Roy’s to play cards. We got home around 9:30. It was fun.

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