Friday, January 30, 2015

Shopping in Sierra Visit and a move to Tucson. 01-30-15

The RV had a couple headlights out so we went to Sierra Vista to get new lights.
While were there we stopped at McDonald's to publish the blog.
The Wi-Fi at the park was slow and our Verizon connection wasn’t much better; it could take at least an hour to publish the blog and yesterday it wouldn’t publish at all. It took only about 20 minutes to publish at McDonald’s.
While we were in Sierra Vista we stopped at Fry’s grocery to get a head of cabbage, some banana’s and some peanuts.
It was lightly raining off and on by the time we left to go back to Tombstone.
It wasn’t raining yet when we got back to the RV park so I installed all four new headlights.

For dinner I cut up four pieces of Bacon and a Polish dog, threw them in a skillet to cook. While the bacon and sausage were cooking I cut up the head of cabbage. When the bacon was almost cooked I added the cabbage to the skillet I added some salt, pepper and a little soy sauce, I put the lid on the skillet and let it simmer, stirring occasionally. When the cabbage was cooked, I plated it and we drizzled a little of our new Balsamic Glaze over it.
It was wonderful!!

It rained hard all through the night. This morning we got up around 7:00 to continuing rain. After breakfast we got things ready to leave Tombstone and at around 9:00 were on the road to Tucson. We stopped at the Cactus Country RV park for today so we could have one more meal at Pinnacle Peak’s.

Tomorrow morning we will leave here and go to Coolidge where we have a spot at the HO HO Kam RV park. We will stay there for the whole month of February.

At this writing it is still raining hard.

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