Saturday, January 17, 2015

Another trip to Blythe and a weenie roast. 1-17-15


A trip to the Verizon store in Blythe.

Our Verizon hot spot has not been working properly lately. We should be getting a 4G (fast) connection but can barely get 3G (a slow) connection. It is slower than having a dial up phone connection.
It took about two hours to publish the last blog.
I finally got fed up with it and decided to go to the Verizon store to see if there was anything they could do to fix it.
The nearest Verizon store is in Blythe CA, so yesterday we went to Blythe. The girl at the Verizon store pulled the back cover off the unit and poked the end of a paper clip into a hole in the back. When I asked what she was doing she told me that she was pushing the reset button.
It still didn’t work.
She then pulled the battery and the chip out. After about a minute she replaced them both. It still had the same problem.
The girl told us that was about all she could do for it. She also said that the older units were obsolete and many were failing. She could sell us the latest stile unit and we would get a brake on our monthly rate. We would end up saving about $20.00 per month.
We didn’t have much of a choice since the unit we had wasn’t any good so we went for it.
Now we are getting a 4G connection instead of a week 3G so things should work better.
I’ll know if there is any improvement when I try publishing this blog.

Lunch at the A&R deli.

One bright spot was that we had a chance to have lunch at the A&R bakery and deli.
Patti had a chicken sandwich and I had my favorite; the turkey sandwich on spiced Cranberry bread. We always come out of the deli commenting on  how good the sandwiches are.

A weenie roast in the wash.

Around 4:00 we headed out the north end of town to gather in the Tyson wash at the ancient Iron Wood Tree for a weenie roast with a bunch friends.


The fire was already going when we got there and every one was sitting around it.
Of course we sat around visiting and joking for a while before we started burning the dogs.


These weenie roasts always turn into potlucks so there is plenty of food to go around.


By the time we were done eating the sun was beginning to set. There were some clouds in the west so this looked like it would be a particularly colorful sunset.


A little later;


A few minutes later;


And even later;


It gets better;


The first star’s appear;


It gets darker and the fire gets bigger.


After full dark when most of the partiers had left, a fox ran across the wash about 30 feet away. It was just visible in the fire light. Of course we were surprised and didn’t get any pictures of the little fellow. Still, it was an exciting event.

Around 8:30 Patti and I left for home. It was a fun party.

Laundry day;

Patti is off doing laundry this morning so I am going to publish this post with out her proof reading it. I hope I got most of the mistakes corrected but if not, oh well.

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