Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tombstone AZ. 1-24-15


We did some shopping at Walmart for groceries, at The 99cent Only Store for chocolate wine and at Lowes for a closet rod, rod hanger and some rings to hang the front curtain on the RV. The closet rod didn’t work due to the angles where the hangers  had to connect. I’ll have to figure out some other way to hang the curtain. Temporarily I will have to go back to sticky back Velcro.


We left Tucson around 10:30 and drove south on I-10 to Benson, AZ where we got on highway 80 and followed it to Tombstone.


Just north of Tombstone we stopped at the Tombstone RV Park and Campground. We are staying here for a week at a cost of $202.00.


The park has new owners and they have fixed it up very nicely.
We arrived around 1:00 and spent the rest of the day just handing out.

For dinner we went to Big Nose Kate’s Saloon with Suzanne and Roy.


It is an old west theme saloon


with waitress dressed in dance hall girl outfits.


The walls are decorated with some interesting art.





They had a small band that started playing at 7:00. They don’t look like much but they were pretty good.


The tables had these old looking adverts with a sense of humor.


In the middle of the room is a spiral staircase that goes down to a gift shop.

Patti and Suzanne had to check it out. What they found was a lot of lady's unmentionables.



I tried one of their Margarita’s.


It didn’t taste very strong but still, my legs were a bit wobbly when we got up to leave.

The food was good and the prices were reasonable.

Once again Patti was the designated driver.

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