Friday, January 2, 2015

Cold weather causes problems with jeep steering. 01-02-14


The jeep has been having a problem with the power steering.
At first, when the jeep sat over night and we first got going in the morning the steering sticks. Once it breaks free it works normally from then on.
One morning we didn’t get going until late and the outside temperature was in the high 60’s. On that morning the steering worked normally, right from the start.
With this cold snap we have been having with morning temps in the high 20’s and low 30’s it is harder to get the steering to work but then it works fine for the rest of the day.
Yesterday morning the outside temperature was in the high 20’s with ice covering the jeep.
We went to breakfast with Jo Ann, Dave, Doris and Jim and rode with J&D in their pickup.

When we got back to Plan “B” I started the jeep and let it run for a while until it was warmed up; the steering worked normally right from the get go.
At first I wasn’t sure whether the problem was with the steering box or the power steering pump. I was going to put our little electric heater in front of the steering box to see if that would have an effect but we’ve needed it in the RV so I have been waiting for the weather to warm a little.
I will try warming the car up again this morning. If it works this time I will assume that the pump is the culprit.
Since the steering works fine once it warms up I am hoping that I can nurse it along until we get back home because I don’t trust the mechanics around here. I have had problems with them in the past.
I’ll keep you informed as time goes by.


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