Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A drive to Yuma and a hair raising story. 01-13-15


One of the few good things about the drive to Yuma are the views of the KOFA mountains to the east of the highway.

We got on to 95 heading south around 9:30 on our way to Yuma to take care of some errands and do some shopping.

As we drove down the highway there was a big puffy cloud hanging over the KOFA mountains making them look even bigger.


As we continued south, the mountains lay in folds into the distance.


South of the Border Patrol check point the mountains get even better on the east side of the road.


As we got closer to the entrance to the Yuma Proving Grounds


we watched this large aircraft flying in circles.


As you get closer to Yuma, you begin to see agricultural lands.


In the middle of some of this Ag land is a very small chapel.


Not far past the chapel is the VFW post.


The closer that you get to Yuma the more farm land you see.


Eventually we arrived at the Palms Shopping Center where we stopped at Kay’s Jewelers where Patti got her ring cleaned and checked. She has to do this every 6 months in order to meet the requirements of the warranty.

I am looking for a duffel bag to replace the one I have had for about 20 years. The zippers failed last summer. We stopped at Sports Authority to look for one but they didn’t have one that I liked.

After that we went to the 99cent store to get a few things.
And a stop at Harbor Freight to see if they had something that would work for a duffel.
No luck there.

We went to Burger King for lunch.
Then we headed east on I-8 toward Wellton to visit Wayne, Patti’s brother-in-law.

On I-8 the Border Patrol had the freeway blocked and all vehicles had to stop at the check station.


They ran a dog around each car as we very slowly drove by.

Eventually we got to Wellton and spent about three hours visiting with Wayne.


Wayne used to have a beard but about a week ago he was driving his Ford Bronco in the mountains north of Wellton. His Bronco died and then burst into flames.
In less than three minutes it was totally engulfed.
By the time he was able to exit the vehicle his glasses had gotten so hot that the lenses fell out, his ball cap was burning and half his beard was burned off.
Fortunately there were people around and they were able to call the forest service and a tow truck to take the remains of the Bronco away.
He had left his cell phone at home.
I asked him if he had a fire extinguisher and he said yes but It was under the hood. It probably wouldn’t have done any good anyway everything happened so fast.
He was lucky to escape with only the loss of his beard.
The Bronco was a total loss.

On the way home we went through Dome Valley; an agricultural area north and west of Wellton.


We got home around 5:15 and went to The Mountain Quail Café for dinner. Patti had fried shrimp and I had the rib eye steak. Good stuff.

Tomorrow we are going on jeep ride with the Wednesday Jeepers.

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