Thursday, January 15, 2015

Another ride on the rez, Cards and chocolate wine. 01-15-15


We met the Wednesday Jeepers in front of Gene and Freda’s place around 9:00.
Joy and Robert arrived for the first time this season. They work at See’s  Candy over the holidays in Oklahoma. Joy handed out large bags of See’s suckers and assorted candy’s. Yumm!

We headed out of town on the Boyer Gap Road.


The main road ends at the Marble Mine rock quarry.


A small trail goes around the the quarry and into the desert to the west.


We followed this trail to the west and eventually we turned onto another small track going southwest.


We followed this trail for a while and took a couple side trails.


This one ended in a sheer drop into a canyon.


The rocks along side the trail were interesting.


We turned around and headed back to the main track.


A little later we found another trail going toward the mountains and followed it to its end at a mining area.


There was some discarded metal and old oil drums lying around on the mountainside.


Several people climbed the side of the mountain to see what they could see. It turned out that they didn’t find much of interest.


What goes up…


Must come down … Even if it’s on ones butt.


It was lunch time so we pulled out the chairs and lunch supplies and had lunch.


A man and his pooch: Gene and Lucky


After lunch we continued our ride.


Along the trail Patti noticed this Pincushion Cactus with the beginnings of a bloom.


We drove down a trail in a wash and saw what at first appeared to be just a pile of discarded metal;


as we got closer we could see that it was the remains of an old building. I suppose you could say it was a pile of discarded metal.

Painted on one wall of the collapsed building was a sign that read “The Duke of Stayner”


I assume that it was the name of the mine. It occurred to me that there are a lot of royalty in the desert. There is “The King of Arizona Mine”, “The KOFA Queen Mine”, and now The “Duke of Stayner”.  I am sure there are more such mine names around.

While we were walking around in this area we noticed a trail going up to a ridge so we got in the jeeps and followed it.


There were some good views from this trail.


We could see the Colorado River in the distance to the west.


We took a couple of side tracks off this ridge trail.


Most of these trails ended in cul-de-sacs. One followed an interesting canyon.


We followed the canyon to the end of the trail where we turned around.


Following yet another trail we came to another abandoned tin cabin.


We continued our tour and eventually came to the highway that goes between Ehrenburg and Parker. We got on the highway heading south to I-10 and headed for home arriving at the RV around 3:30.

A few weeks ago at Cheryl and Dennis’s we were introduced to a “chocolate wine”. I know that sounds strange but it was very good. While we were in the 99 Cent store on Tuesday we picked up three bottles of the stuff. It is kind of expensive at $2.99 per bottle but it is quite tasty.


We went to Suzanne and Roy’s to play cards last night and brought a bottle with us. The wine was a big hit. We finished the whole bottle. Sue and Denis came by to have a taste. Roy added his personal twist with a bit of home made Gran Marnier. It definitely  kicked it up a notch.

We got home around 10:30. Patti drove.

A good Day!  

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