Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gammon’s Gulch and another lunch at Kate’s. 01-27-15


About 10:00 we headed for Gammon’s Gulch; a ghost town/movie set just north of Benson AZ.
To get there we drove north on Highway 80 from Tombstone.


At Benson we turned east on Highway 86 and after about a mile we turned north again on Pomerene Road and followed it through the town/speed trap.If you ever go through there be sure to go the 25 mile per hour speed limit not 26 mph. We were warned about this by Mr. Gammon several years ago.
After successfully getting through the town we continued along the road until we got to the turnoff to Gammons Gulch.


Unfortunately this is the only picture we got of the place because when we got to the Gate it was closed and this sign was on the gate.


As it turns out they are closed on Monday and Tuesday anyway.

What to do?

We decided to head back to Benson to do some shopping and then meet Suzanne and Roy back at the RV’s and then go to Kate’s for lunch and to be entertained by Mick.


He is pretty talented and funny and sings the old songs. We all sang along.

Patti and I ordered a Pizza. It was very good, not quite as good as Silly Al’s but good enough.

We got to talking with one of the re-enactors that works as a host/swamper in the saloon. He was originally from California and had lived in Healdsburg for a time.
Patti asked him if she could take a picture of him and he suggested that she have me take a picture of her with him.


I noticed that he had a nice brace of nickel plated engraved 1851 Colt cap and ball revolvers.

cap and ball

I suspect that they were replica’s.

We sat around there for a couple of hours; eating, singing, laughing and just generally having a good time.

I had a big ass beer.


Patti drove home again.

I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to show Suzanne and Roy around Gammon’s Gulch but it was a good day and I was stuffed with Pizza.

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