Monday, January 26, 2015

Lunch in Tombstone, Pizza soup and cards

Patti did laundry yesterday. When she was done we went to Tombstone to have lunch at Big Nose Kate’s. Suzanne and Roy were telling us about the guy that entertains during the day.


When we got to town the streets were pretty busy with tourists.


It was Sunday and the towns folk were dressed in their Sunday best.


Big Nose Kate’s was full; we couldn’t find a table and people were waiting outside so we went down the street to The Long Horn.


We had no problem getting a table.
Some of the town ladies were there in their finery.


As it turns out The Long Horn is owned by the same guy that owns Big Nose Kate’s. It had some similar Artwork on the walls.



After a good lunch we walked down the street past the coach tours with their beautiful draft horses.



Patti and Suzanne went into a “T” shirt store while Roy and I went a little further down the street where we each purchased a case of Sioux City Sarsaparilla.
We met the ladies back at the “T” shirt store and were headed back to the car when we stopped to talk to the Sheriff. I asked the sheriff about the people packing heat in the bar’s and he told me that they were re-enactors with prop guns. But it was legal to go into a saloon with a real weapon but you could not drink.


The sheriff pointed out the owner of Big Nose Kate’s; probably the richest person in town.
He is the one in the blue shirt in the picture below.


There are no shortage of interesting characters in Arizona and that especially holds true for Tombstone.


Pizza soup and cards;

While we were in town Suzanne had a batch of Pizza soup cooking in a crock pot.
About an hour after we got back to the RV park, Roy brought over a pot of hot Pizza soup; mmm good.

Around 6:00 we went over to Suzanne and Roy’s to play cards and have a little chocolate wine.

As we were leaving the RV Patti noticed the sunset and got this picture.


All in all a good day.

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