Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Bisbee Breakfast Club. 01-28-15


Bisbee, AZ is about 16 miles south of Tombstone. It is an old mining town reminiscent of Nevada City, CA;  with lots of old Victorian homes and narrow steep streets.


The town is now a tourist Trap.

There are a couple of closed copper mines in the area. The Queen Mine which is a hard rock mine with a shaft that goes over a thousand feet into the mountain and offers a fun tour of the mine.
We took the tour several years ago and I recommend it.

Just south of the Queen Mine is the Lavender open pit mine.

Both of the mines have played out and are no longer working.

Just south of the Lavender mine is the small town of Lowell. Most of the businesses on the main street of Lowell are closed down but walking along the street brings one back to the 1950’s with old cars parked along the sidewalk.


There is an old closed Sprouse Reitz store.


A Harley Davidson repair shop with some old gas pumps out front.


I didn’t know that Hudson made a pickup. Maybe this one is custom made.


Lowell is also the home of the Bisbee Breakfast Club; an old style diner with great food and atmosphere.


I had the Coronado: a ham, cheese, and scrambled egg breakfast burrito covered  with a green chili sauce. Yumm.
Patti had a hamburger with bacon, caramelized onions, blue cheese drizzled with a Balsamic glaze. She fell in love with it. We asked the waitress where they got the Balsamic glaze and she told us that we could buy it at the High Desert Market in Old Bisbee.

On the way home through Bisbee we found the market


and purchased three bottles of the stuff.


We got back to the RV around 3:45 and around 6:00 we went over to Suzanne and Roy’s to play cards. When we stepped out of the door Patti noticed the sunset.


Another good day and some good food.

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