Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wash day, a campfire and a ride on the Rez. 01-07-15


Monday was wash day. Patti decided that she wanted to take the clothes to the Laundromat in town. It is connected to a place called the Eatery so we decided that it would be a good idea to go there around noon so we could have lunch while the clothes were being washed.
Patti put the clothes in three washers and we went into the restaurant to eat. Patti had a Chicken Salad Sandwich and I had a Turkey-Bacon melt. The sandwiches were okay and by the time that we were done eating, the clothes were done washing.
I left Patti at the Laundromat and went back to the RV to do a little housework. About an hour later Patti called and I went to pick her up.
That was pretty much our Monday.

On Tuesday, Patti went to Parker with Jo Ann, Dave and Doris to the Blue Water Casino. She came about $20.00 a head!

A little later in the day Dennis came by and we went to the vender area. We stopped by the trailer where we signed up for new Canceled Carry Permits. Since we already had valid permits we didn’t have to take a class or anything. We just had to fill out some papers and get fingerprints taken and pay $40.00. The permits are good in 34 states. Unfortunately they aren’t good in California, Oregon, Washington or Nevada.
Arizona does not require a permit to carry, concealed or open. A reasonable attitude from my perspective.

In the evening we drove out Plomosa Road to where our Canadian friends are camping. We went out there with Jo Ann and Dave in their pickup.

When we arrived they had a campfire going.


Canadians love big campfires.


So we sat far back


visited and watched the sunset,


and the full Moon rise.


We headed for home around 8:30

Wednesday morning I woke up around 7:15, got out of bed, went to take a shower and there was no water. There was a broken pipe in the park and all the water leaked out of their tank.
Fortunately we had about half a tank of water in the RV so I turned on the pump and did manage to get a shower.

Around 9:00 we met the Wednesday Jeepers at a place called the QIA (Quartzsite Improvement Association). They wanted to purchase tickets for  a show by “The New Christy Minstrels”. Patti and I weren’t interested.
From there we headed west on I-10 about 10 miles to the Tom Wells Road exit. There is a large Texaco Truck stop there where we aired down the tires.
Once everyone who wanted to air down was finished, we headed north across Tom Wells Road and into the desert.


At first we were on BLM land but a couple of miles in we were on the Rez.
Our first stop was at an old mining area where there was an old abandoned
stone cabin.


The first thing we saw was this old VW bug body stuffed in the entrance to a vertical mine shaft. I guess that’s one way to block off a mine.


We continued walking toward the cabin.


One thing we couldn’t help but notice was all the junk scattered around the place.


Some people are sure messy.

We left that mine and continued along the dusty trail.


The next place we stopped had what had been a pretty nice house at one time.


It is in pretty bad shape but you could tell that in its heyday it was pretty nice.

They had a water system


although it looked like the water might have been trucked in.

The place was wired for electricity and had full facilities including a big kitchen


and bathroom with a shower.

One of the out buildings had some great looking weathered wood siding.


Not far from the house was a vertical shaft that looked pretty deep.


I don’t think I would want to trust that ladder.

A little farther away were these two old vehicles. One was an old International pickup and the other was a 53 Chevy.


If someone was looking for parts there were still some usable parts on these old derelicts.

We walked back to where we had left the jeeps and had our lunch.


After lunch we continued our exploration.

We came to another old mine claim and another old truck.


Last month we were in this area but on top of the hills and we could see this truck in the valley below us but there was no trail going down into the valley.

We walked around this area for a little while and then got back on the trail.


As we drove around we were enjoying the beautiful desert scenery.


We went down a narrow wash.


Eventually got back on the main trail again and after a short time were back to the freeway heading for home.

Around 5:30 I fixed dinner; brazed beef tips with red and green bell peppers over egg noodles.


It was okay but the meat was a bit tough.

Patti got some more sunset pictures.


Okay that was the last three days. I hope you enjoyed them.

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