Thursday, January 1, 2015

New arrivals and lunch at Skull Rock. 12-31-14


On Monday Sue and Denis entered the park.
Around 4:00 a bunch of us went to Silly Al’s for dinner. The group consisted of Jo Ann, Dave, Suzanne, Roy, Patti and me. At around 5:00 Sue and Denis showed up. We were pretty rowdy laughing and telling stories. A little later Debbie came in with Jeff’s wife, Nonda. We sat around our table for a while and then all went to Suzanne and Roy’s for more drinks and laughs. It got even louder there. Patti and I left the party around 8:00.


Billy wanted to take some friends, Alex and Angela out to Palm Canyon in the KOFA Preserve so he got a group together.
At 11:00 we met at the entrance to the park. There were six jeeps in the convoy;
Bill’s, Denis’s, Dave’s, Alex’s, Roy’s and ours.
To really appreciate Palm Canyon you have to hike into it. The rest of us had been there before and didn’t feel it was worth going again but it was a good excuse to have lunch at Skull Rock which is near Palm Canyon.

We headed south on 95 for about fifteen miles to the Palm Canyon Road where we turned east and stopped at a large turnout so those who wished to could air down.


From there we continued east and after about three miles we turned north on KOFA Queen Mine Road.


We followed this trail toward the canyon where Skull Rock is located.


About half way to the scenic over look we had to stop because the left rear shock on Dave’s jeep had broken off and was dragging on the road.
Denis got out his tools and in a short time had the shock removed and we were once again on our way.
We stopped at the overlook (or peanut stop) as some people call it to enjoy the view and some peanuts.


After a short break we continued up the wash to Skull Rock. I always like this part of the drive as it is very scenic with the jagged mountains in the back ground


and rugged cliffs on both sides of the trail.


We stopped at Skull Rock and ate our lunch.



It was a nice day (about 50 degrees) except for a cold wind coming through the canyon. Some of us sat inside the skull out of the wind.


After lunch we headed toward the end of the trail further up the canyon. I thought we were all going to the end of the canyon


but when we got to the end there was only Bill and Alex’s jeep.
As it turned out Roy had misplaced the keys to his jeep and didn’t find them until we were almost back to Skull Rock where they were waiting for us. It turned out that Roy’s keys were in his shirt pocket the whole time. Getting old sucks. Winking smile

It is always a fun ride to Skull Rock.

This morning Bill and Shirley came by and mentioned that there was snow on the mountains around Quartzsite so after they left, we jumped in the jeep and went to see if we could get some good snow pictures.
As we were driving out toward the Plosoma mountains we could see that the snow was already melting.
We hurriedly drove out Sunkist Road and stopped a couple times to take pictures of the mountains.


We continued out the road and took the turn off going east toward Preachers Pass.


There is a knoll off to the right of the trail where you get a view of the mountains and the pass so we stopped there to take pictures.



By the time we got back to Quartzsite all the snow was gone.

Around 12:30 we went to Silly Al’s for lunch with Cheryl, Dennis, Louise, Dick, JoAnn, Dave, Dennis and Becky.


From there we went to Cheryl and Dennis’s and played cards. We showed them how to play Ukrainian Rummy but I don’t think they liked it much.

We came back to the RV around 5:30. Around 6:30 we went over to Suzanne and Roy’s with Jo Ann ,Dave Sue and Denis and visited for a while.


Around 9:00 we came back to Plan “B” for the rest of the night.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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