Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday, April, 8.
Today was windy and warm.
Patti did laundry today.
The handle on the valve for the Black tank broke off as I was dumping it this morning.
I am surprised that I was able to find a replacement for the handle at one of the hard ware stores (The Big Market) in Quartzsite.
We paid our deposit for an annual spot for next year. We will pay the rest when we come here in December. It is cheaper to buy an annual than pay by the month if you stay longer than 3 months and we figure that we will be here from December to May next year.
We had dinner at Becky and Dennis’ with Suzanne, Roy, Debby and Mike.
Becky and I each made a pot of Nopalitos. Debby brought rice and Suzanne brought coleslaw and Margaritas.
It was a great meal and we all had a good time, even those of us who didn’t drink the Margaritas.
Tomorrow we are all going to go play in the desert . I am taking them to Hoodoo Wells in the Kofa.

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