Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday, April, 25.

The morning started clear and sunny until around 7:00am then a thin cloud layer began to form and the wind began to blow. By noon the sky had a brown cast and the wind blew ever harder until by 4:00 it was howling. By now, 7:00pm the wind has calmed a bit but the air is still laden with dust and the sun is a fuzzy ball as seen through the clouds.

Today was one of the more interesting days we have had. We went to visit two ancient Native sights. “The Salmon Ruins” named for the man who in 1893 homesteaded the area near the town of Bloomfield NM where the ruins stand.
The ruins date from around 1100AD to 1400AD And was settled by two separate groups.

“Aztec Ruins National Monument” (the name is a misnomer and has nothing to do with Aztecs) but is in the town of Aztec NM.
According to the ranger that we talked to was the second capital of the Chacoan culture and was started around 1000AD and abandoned around 1300AD.
I am having a hard time grasping all that we were exposed to today, both places were incredible. Time travel boggles the mind, so I will just have to show you some of the pictures that we took.

The first set is of Salmon Ruins.

The homestead

Bunk house.

In this picture you can see where a rectangular room was converted by later inhabitance into a round Kiva.

Here you can see where beams for a second floor were mortised into the stone work.

A large Kiva showing the supporting structures for the roof.

Another Kiva with showing the air intake and a baffle for the fire pit.

The main Kiva in the town square. Patti is standing at the corner of the “alter room”.

The next group of photo’s are from The Aztec Ruins.

West side of ruins.

Notice the decorative line of darker colored rock.

Roof construction details

Notice the sticks and remains of matting covering the door.

Some of the doors have this interesting shape of unknown purpose.

Rare corner door opening in the upper wall.

I just like this picture.

Out side of Reconstructed great Kiva.

Inside the Great Kiva.

Inside Great Kiva showing roof detail.

Tomorrow we are taking the day off but on Monday we will be going to Chaco Canyon to get our minds blown even more.

The wind is howling once again.

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