Monday, April 13, 2009

On Our Way to New Mexico

Monday, April 13.

The morning was warm in Quartzsite and by the time we left there it was getting hot.
We left “Q” at 11:00 and headed east on I 10 then turned south on 85 to Gila Bend arriving at 1:10. We had lunch at the Outer Limits Restaurant. It was a good filling meal, Patti had a French dip sandwich and I had the hot roast beef sandwich.
We left Gila Bend at 1:50, got onto I 8 and headed east. We were at Arizona City by 2:50 but I felt it was to early to stop so we continued on to Benson where we arrived at 4:50.
That will shorten our trip to Las Cruces by a couple of hours.
We got a spot for the night and went over to visit with Sue and Jerry.
They will be leaving here on Sunday to start there trip back to Ontario via Moab Utah.

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