Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday, April, 28.

Cloudy morning with some wind in Farmington NM.

We left Farmington around 9:00 heading for Blanding Utah. As we traveled the wind increased and by the time we got to Utah there was a lot of dust blowing around.
We passed Ship Rock in New Mexico on highway 46.

Turned east onto highway 160 at Teec Nos Pos Arizona.
Headed north on highway 191 at Mexican Waters, AZ.
The scenery is pretty nice along 191.

Then we went through the town of Bluff, Utah. A very picturesque place.

The rock formation below, I think was called “Two Navajo’s”.

We arrived in Blanding, Utah at noon. The sky was heavy with dust and dark clouds and the wind was blowing steadily. Tomorrow is supposed to be clear and warm with a light breeze. We will be staying here for 4 nights.
Patti called some RV parks in Moab to make reservations; apparently things are pretty busy there and it was hard to get a place. We finally got reservations at the “Arches View RV Park“. We couldn’t get one sight for the whole two weeks so we will have to spend one week at one sight and then move to another one in the same park for the second week.
It is a bit of a pain and a little pricier than we are used to but there is little else available.
Tomorrow we plan to go to “The Natural Bridges National Monument” and “Hovenweep Nat. Mon“. I hope we can do them both in one day.

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