Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, April, 20

Another warm day with very little wind. The weather has certainly improved.

We left Carlsbad around 8:30
Highway 285 was impressive in that, it was a four lane divided highway with almost no traffic and went straight for many miles across rolling prairie at a steady slow climb.

I saw a few Antelope along the way but Patti missed them so we didn’t get any pictures.

We arrived at the “Santa Fe Skies RV Park” in Santa Fe around 3:30.
The view of the snow capped mountains from the park is pretty nice if you get in front of the other RV’s.

Yesterday before we went to Roswell we put some ribs in the crock pot to have for supper last evening. At supper time we were still full from lunch so we put the ribs in the fridge and heated them up for supper tonight. It was great not to have to cook after a 7 hr. drive.
Tomorrow we plan to go check out some Indian ruins.

Distance from Carlsbad to Santa Fe = 269 miles

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