Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday, April, 9

It was a beautiful day, Warm with a slight breeze.
As it turned out, it was just Becky, Dennis, Patti and I going on the ride today.
We left around 9:00 and drove east on I 10 for about 20 miles to Exit 45 “Vicksburg road”. At the gas station there, we filled Clifford’s tank and proceeded south on Vicksburg road to the Pipeline Rd. where we turned west and drove about 3 miles to Junction 14. There Becky and Dennis unloaded there Rhino and we headed south on Kofa Manganese Road toward Red rock pass.
We got some pictures of two kinds of Cholla in bloom

and some blooming Hedgehogs.

We stopped at Craven Well and I realized that as often as we had stopped at these wells I had taken no pictures of them.

There are several of these windmills scattered throughout the Kofa. The water is pumped into troughs for the wildlife, but not for the Burros. They are kept out by a pipe fence.

There were lots of Doves and other wildlife hang around the well.

After a short stay, we continued on over Red Rock Pass.

on our way to The Hoodoo Hilton, where we stopped for lunch.

After lunch we took the trail along Hoodoo wash to Wilbanks Cabin, then went south on Wilbanks road over Bighorn pass.

We stopped for a look at the Kofa Cabin.

A mile further we came to the pipeline road and drove east until we came back to Dennis’s truck.
We waited for them to load the Rhino and then headed for home.
We got home around 6:15.

It was another great trip and we had a good time.
I was pooped.
We had warmed over Nopalitos for dinner.

Trip Data
Total Miles = 101
Trip Time = 9 hrs. 15 minutes
Craven Well = N 33 26’ 23.8” W 113 50’ 17.2” 1896 ft.
Hoodoo Hilton = N 33 20’ 36.1” W 113 51’ 14.5” 2186ft.
Wilbanks Cabin = N 33 20’ 26.8” W 113 59’ 15.8” 2975 ft.
Bighorn Pass = N33 21’ 36.8 W 113 59’ 35.7” 3065 ft.
Kofa Cabin = N 33 29’ 30.4” W 113 52’ 35.4” 1834 ft.

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