Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday, April, 5.

The morning dawned clear and warm with a light breeze from the west. The forecast is for a high of 80 degrees this afternoon.

At the time I ordered the new GPS, I also ordered an automobile power cable.
The cigarette lighter in the jeep is connected to the ignition switch. I assumed that when the ignition was turned off the GPS would automatically switch to its internal battery. That was not the case however so today I rewired the lighter to have power all the time.
Other than that, we are just hanging out today.

Our friend Dennis has been ill for several days with Bronchitis but is getting better. I hope he will be well enough to go out to the desert to play soon.
We spent the afternoon visiting with Becky and Dennis.

Around 6:00 Patti and I went to The Grub Stake to get some Calamari but they were closed. Not for the season I hope. We came home and had reheated spaghetti for supper.

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