Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday, April, 12.
Happy Easter.
A beautiful day! It started off warm and stayed that way.
Today is our last day in Quartzsite. We will leave before noon tomorrow.
Our friends wanted to take a ride today so I suggested that we see how far south we could go in Tyson Wash. We started off around 11:00 and went about 14 miles until the wash got so narrow and the sand got so soft that we decided that that was far enough.
We turned around, found a tree for shade and had lunch.

After lunch we continued north for about a mile and I saw a track going to the right so I turned out of the wash and on to the track. I wasn’t exactly sure where this trail would take us but it was out of the wash and the soft sand. We followed along the track for a while until we came to a road heading north. It was a fairly wide road so I knew that it would lead us to La Paz Valley
Earlier, on our way south we had passed a large rock outcropping in the wash just north of La Paz Valley road.
I had noticed the rock but didn’t think anything of it.
When we stopped for a break Mike told us that the rock had Petroglyphs on it so we decided to stop by on the way home to check them out. They were just north of La Paz Valley so we reentered the wash there. And continued north. On the way we saw a Snake trying to cross the wash. It turned out to be a Western Diamond Back Rattler, about 3 ft long.

We all stopped to take pictures and scared the snake so bad that it turned around and went back into the brush where it came from.

We continued on to the Petroglyph rock.

There were also some grinding mortises there.

When we left the rocks we followed Mike over and around some steep hills.

And then back to the wash and home.
Just as we got out of the wash Mike’s machine ran out of gas so we stopped to gas it up and went on home.

Around 6:00 the whole gang went to Silly Al’s for dinner.

At the end of the table are Mike & Debby at the left are Dennis & Becky to the right are Suzanne & Roy and in front are Patti & I.

It was a fun day.

Trip time = 4 ½ Hrs.
Trip miles = 32.6

Petroglyphs N33 36” 56.1” W114 14’ 15.7” 961 ft.


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    The images on the stones look cool. (And the comment right before this one is really strange)