Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, April, 24

The morning was cool and breezy. As the day wore on the wind increased.

We left Santa Fe around 10:00 in the morning and headed for Farmington, NM. It was a very windy drive and I had to fight “Plan B” all the way to keep it between the lines. A few times it drifted wildly but I managed to get it back under control. Most of the scenery was kind of boring until we got into some rim rock country, then it started to look like what I thought New Mexico should look like.

After several miles of climbing through this kind of scenery we entered the real high desert over 7000 ft. The country changed again to rolling Sage with no cactus. It reminded me of Nevada.
Around 2:30 we got to our destination and stopped at “Mom and Pop’s RV Park“.
By then I was ready to quit for the day. We are staying for 4 nights as there are some ruins in the area that we want to see. We paid for 3 nights and get the forth night free or $60.00, about half what it cost us in Santa Fe.
The owner of the park is a model train buff and has a “G” scale railroad outside, in front of the office and he also has one inside the office. I will get some pictures of them later for you Bobby and any one else that is interested.
We went to dinner at “Sonya’s Cookin” the food was good, there was plenty of it and it was cheap.
After supper, we went to Wall Mart so Patti could get her prescription filled. The store in Santa Fe still hadn’t gotten things straightened out by the time we left there so she got it transferred to the Farmington store. Now we won’t have to mess with prescriptions until after we get home.

Tomorrow, we are going to go to the “Aztec Ruins National Monument” and “The Salmon Ruins and San Juan Archaeological Research Center“.

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