Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, April, 26

It has been mostly cloudy all day and looked like it could rain at anytime but so far it hasn’t. It is going to be a cold night though probably in the 30’s.

Today we just hung out around the RV. I read another Conan Book and Patti read in one of her Danielle Steel books.
I walked over to the office and took some pictures of Pop’s train set and some of the figures he makes. He makes the molds, cast’s the figures in lead and paints them. Everything is in “G” scale (that is a scale for a particular size of model train).
Here are some of the pictures of his stuff.

This is his work shop.

This is his outdoor train setup.

You can see Clifford and Plan B in the background.

This tunnel setup appears to be made of fiberglass.

Here are some of his figures and dioramas'.

The Army marching band.

The Navy marching band.

There is much more. His office is loaded with display cases full of stuff.

This afternoon we went grocery shopping. And when we got home I fixed Nopalitos for supper. Yummmm!

Tomorrow we are going to Chaco Canyon. It’s about an hour drive each way from here so we will get home late. I think we will stop at Sonya's for supper.

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