Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, April, 6
Today started off clear and warm and got warmer. By late afternoon it was hot enough that we turned on the air conditioner.
Around 9:00 this morning, we left to go to Blythe to take care of business and do some grocery shopping.
Our first stop was at “HR Block”. We had to submit an amended tax return.
When we had originally had our taxes done, un be known to us we didn’t have all of our 1099 forms. One of them was mailed to us about 3 weeks late and there were some dividends that we hadn’t accounted for. As it turned out we have to pay back all the tax return we had gotten from the feds. Oh well, easy come easy go. At least we did get some dividends on that account.
Next we went to the DMV where Patti got her drivers license renewed. It only took about fifteen minutes.
We then went to “K Mart” and bought a small fan.
After that we stopped for lunch at Carl’s Jr.
Then we went to Albertsons, bought the groceries that we needed and headed for home. We were back at “Plan B” by around 1:00.
After we got home I got on the web and looked at the 10 day weather forecast for southern New Mexico and found that for the next 10 days the weather sucks. Mostly High winds and thunder storms.
We may just extend our stay here for another week and see what happens.
Eventually we will have to bite the bullet and head east but we still have time. We don't want to get to Moab before the 25th of April as there are some big doings going on there and we have been told that all the RV parks will be full and the rates will be high. Besides it's still cold and snowy up there.

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