Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday, April, 19.

A beautiful day, warm with little or no wind.

We took a ride to Roswell NM today.
We expected it to be a dusty crossroad in the middle of the desert with maybe a funky old diner, a store with a gift shop, a gas station and a few mobile homes, maybe a couple of houses and a population of perhaps 100 to 500 people.
What we found was, a thriving metropolis of 50,000 inhabitant's with a university, a military academy, a convention center and every kind of store and business you could think of.
Needless to say we were shocked.
I guess we should do a little research on these towns before we jump to conclusions. We're still learning.
We ate lunch at Applebee’s and drove back to Carlsbad.
Tomorrow we are leaving here for Santa Fe.

The round trip to Roswell was about 150 miles.

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