Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday, April, 14.

We left Benson AZ at 8:00 (mountain standard time) and arrived in Las Cruces at 2:00 (mountain Daylight time) after 5 hrs. of driving.
We checked in at the Siesta RV park got hooked up and I took a little nap.
Around 4:45 we decided to check out the town. I don’t think there is a street in Las Cruces that goes straight for more than two blocks. What a can of worms.
We tried using the GPS to find the places we were looking for and that worked ok until we tried to get back to the RV park, then for some reason it was way off. We got lucky and just happened to recognize the street we wanted.
The GPS did find us a Chinese restaurant. The Imperial Palace. We were not impressed. The fortune in my fortune cookie read “Don’t eat Chinese food out side of California”. Good advice :o)

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  1. That might be the best fortune ever. And probably true. I think its very cute that the first thing you did at the Siesta RV park was siesta.