Saturday, January 30, 2016

New PC Board, Shopping in Parker and a visit with Donna

New PC Board and Shopping in Parker.

Before we went to Parker we had to get fuel in the jeep so we went to Arco. On the way back we stopped at the post office to check the mail. The PC board that I ordered for the heater arrived.
From the post office we headed for Parker.
On the way to Parker we saw that there are two more hawks building nests on the power poles along the highway.
Patti counted eight hawks between Q and HWY 72.

We talked to Eve and Bill at Walmart.

From Walmart we went across the street to Safeway to get a couple things that Walmart didn't have.

After Safeway, we stopped at KFC for a light lunch. After lunch I dropped Patti off at Food City to see if they had a meat mallet then I went to Auto Zone so I could get a coolant temperature sensor for the jeep.
From Auto Zone I picked Patti up. She found a good meat mallet so we headed for home.

Installing the New Board.

After unloading the jeep I installed the new PC board but it didn't fix the heater. It is beginning to look like the Limit switch is faulty. Unfortunately the limit switch is in a place where I will probably have to remove the entire unit to get to it.
I will have to be very positive that the switch is the problem before I try removing the furnace.

A visit with Donna (the stone house).

The last time we visited Donna I said that I would inflate the tire on her wheelbarrow but we got to BS'ing and forgot about it.
Patti talked to Donna on the phone and we decided to stop by her place so I could pump up the tire and we could visit for a while.
That is what we did but unfortunately we didn't take a camera so we didn't get any pictures of the outside of the house. Maybe next time.
We had a good visit with Donna.

When we got home I used the new meat mallet to pound out a couple piece's of pork tenderloin to make pork tenderloin parmesan for dinner. Yum, yum.

Okay that was Friday.

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