Saturday, January 23, 2016

Card and a Visit to an Old Friends House

Greasing the Jeep and Cards.

Thursday I greased the jeep. When I got to greasing the drive shafts I found  that the drive shafts looked new and they had the kind of universal joints that could not be greased. That saves a lot of work but I'm not sure if I like "U" joints that can't be greased. I think they may not last as long as the kind you can grease. I hope I'm wrong.

Around 6:00 we went to Dennis and Becky's to play cards. There were 14 people at the card game but Dennis and Becky had bought another big round table so there was plenty of room for everyone.

Of course, we had fun.

Visiting an Old Friend's House.

There is a house on main street that belongs to an old friend of Patti's from when she worked at HP.
Patti hasn't seen the lady in about 20 years but we knew that she had  the place here in Quartzsite.
We drove by it a couple days ago and saw a car in the yard. Patti decided to give Donna a call to see if she was here. It turned out to be her car and we were invited to come  by for a visit.

The house is kind of unique as it is all made of stone. Many of the people we know down here were interested in what the house looked like inside so Patti took her camera with us.

Around 11:00 we went to visit Donna and her interesting house.

The house is not large. It has a great room with a double fireplace in the middle. The stone throughout the house and especially on the fire place are more than just random rocks. They were selected for their uniqueness and beauty. In the photo below you can see at the top of the chimney a huge piece of quartz with several large crystals sticking out.

As you can see she doesn't make fires in the fireplace.

The kitchen is on one side of the fireplace.

The living room is on the other side of the fireplace with an alcove to one side.

There is one bedroom and one bathroom.

Patti didn't take a picture of the bathroom but it has a huge claw foot tub.

Grub's for Lunch.

We visited for a couple hours and then went to lunch at The GrubStake for fish and chips. This time of year the few restaurants in Quartzsite are over run with people here for the rock shows and the big RV show.
Grub's was no exception. They have abbreviated the menu to just three items. They were out of French fries and coke products and it took us almost an hour to get our food. I have to say that the fish was still good but it ain't fish and chips without the chips. I think we will wait until all the shows are over and the crowds leave before we try Grub's again. I hope they improve.

After lunch we said good by to Donna and went home. About ten minutes later we went to Cheryl and Dennis's for desert "Chery's Jubilee". Very good!! 

Okay, that's the last couple of days.

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  1. Amazing house! I hope you get a chance to visit again and can take more photos.