Monday, January 11, 2016

More Wiring on Snoopy and a Movie.



I spent the morning finishing the wiring for the tow brakes on Snoopy.

Dennis M came by on his way to the dump and picked up a couple bags for us. While he was here he mentioned that some of the group were going to Parker in the afternoon to see the movie
"The Revenant". He mentioned that they were meeting the others at the fire station at 12:15.
I told him if I got the wiring done on the jeep we might go.

I finished the wiring at 12:00.
I changed my clothes and we got to the fire station just as they were leaving.

We got to the Blue Water Cinema in Parker in plenty of time and there was no line.

The movie was okay but not very historically accurate.
Unfortunately I have read several first hand accounts and histories of that occurrence and the facts are very different from what was portrayed on the screen.
Oh well, that's Hollywood. 

After the movie we went to Mya's Mexican restaurant and had a good dinner.

Okay, that was our Sunday.

Today we are going for a ride.

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