Friday, January 15, 2016

A trip to Blythe and Cards

Shopping in Blythe.

We decided to go to Blythe to do some shopping. We also wanted to have a late lunch at The A&R Bakery and Deli. Blythe is on the west side of the Colorado so it is an hour earlier there than in Quartzsite. We left here around 12:30 our time and drove the 20 miles to Blythe.


Our first stop was at Albertsons where we picked up everything on our list except for bread.

The Car wash.

After leaving Albertsons we stopped at a carwash to wash  the jeep.

Ace Hardware.

We went to Ace hardware so I could get some spray lubricant. I was  able to find some Tri-Flow
which is an excellent spray lube. I also bought another can of WD 40 as it is useful for many things other that lubricant.

A&R Deli.

From the Ace Hardware store we went to the A&R Deli and Bakery. A&R has great sandwiches; all made with their freshly baked bread. They are not cheap but they are worth the money. Patti had a Chicken Sandwich on fresh honey wheat bread and I had the turkey on spiced cranberry bread.
We also bought two loaves of bread, one dark squaw bread and one honey wheat. Their bread is awesome.

Back Home.

After lunch we headed for home.
It is nice living on the east side of town. We can  take the east end exit from the freeway and don't have to fight the traffic on Main Street. At this time of year Quartzsite has a large influx of snow birds. They come from all over the US and Canada for the big RV show and the hundreds of vendors that set up here. There are  also many rock and gem exposition in town.
I am amazed at how much money there is in selling rocks.

Once we were home we unloaded the jeep, I took a nap and Patti watched the early  republican debate.


Around 5:45 we went to Becky and Dennis's to play cards. There were fourteen people there; almost to many.
For the first game the seven women sat at the big table and the men sat at the smaller kiddy table.
After the first game four people left so the  rest of us sat at the big table for the second game.
We had a good time joking and ribbing each other. The game broke up around 10:30.
When we got home I went to bed and Patti stayed up to watch the second debate.

Okay, that was our Thursday.

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